The History of RockStar

The History of RockStar

-The History of RockStar –

RockStar’s trademarked systems are redefining the martial arts industry by specializing in family martial arts; a unique kids anti-bully program that’s developed from a vast experience of martial arts spanning more than 30 years.

James Boecker began his martial arts journey in 1982 and fell in love with the art. He had a competitive career in the 80s and 90s. He found his passion early on, and along with great mentors to lead him in both business and martial arts training he opened his first studio in 1994.

He used everything he had – including credit cards – to open his first school. This left Boecker with no money, having to live out of the storage room of his studio. He was an avid reader and had a hunger for knowledge, so he spent his weekends at Barnes & Noble reading everything he could about business.

Within a couple years he grew the school to become the most successful gym in Plano. By the late 90s he was doing something he loved and wanted to show others how to do the same. Soon after, he built the largest martial arts organization in Texas and then sold it in 2013.

Following his success, Boecker founded RockStar in 2014 with his wife, Shiva. Shiva first met James in 1998, but she was not a usual gym-goer. She had earned a degree in biology/chemistry, but using that knowledge would not be in her future.

She was asked by James to help at his studio one day and after telling him she would temporarily help, it turned into a permanent position in their lives. Training in martial arts under James impacted her so greatly, she knew sharing martial arts would be what her future held.

The two saw an opening in the crowded market of martial arts gyms: a high-end, luxury gym experience. RockStar was crafted for unique experiences without sacrificing martial arts training. The pair now run RockStar Martial Arts together. In 2018, RockStar made a big move to Frisco, in a state-of-the-art facility to support the franchise system James and Shiva have created. The rest of RockStar’s history could include you and your journey.