Financial Reasons to Own a RockStar


Learn more about opening your own ROCKSTAR MARTIAL ARTS Franchise.

Financial Reasons to Own a RockStar


The global fitness industry is worth approximately $87.2 billion, with 201,000 gyms and over 174 million members worldwide. This is an increase of 20 million members since 2017 which demonstrates strong growth.

The rising popularity of this industry makes RockStar Martial Arts a Rock Star investment. Our business model is designed to foster long-term profitability and success of our franchisees.

  • We place our training centers in high end retail settings and next to popular anchors.
  • RockStar Martial Arts operates on a 1,500-2,000 -square-foot model, helping keep overhead low and allowing us to compete for high end retail space.
  • The RockStar business model allows us to only require only helping to keep high margins and low costs.
  • Our system includes 7 revenue streams with ongoing monthly recurring revenue.
  • We are able to serve 170-300 students and retain them due to having a Rock Star product.
  • Our business is designed to meet the needs of high end luxury communities consisting of families, which allows us to implement and spread our trademarked anti-bully program throughout.
  • The branding and the product rate high on the list of must haves for a growing successful company. Both of these are RockStar specialties. Our branding power is second to none, which is easier to come by when you have a high end product like RockStar.
  • Most of our RockStar owners own multiple territories for added revenue stream and increased profitability. Owning multiple territories also allows them to dominate areas and capitalize on brand awareness.