Existing Gyms


Learn more about opening your own ROCKSTAR MARTIAL ARTS Franchise.

    Existing Gyms

    There’s nothing more powerful than belonging to a team that has the same vision and going in the same direction. In RockStar University we’ve created a unique system where existing gyms can become a RockStar Martial Arts. Along with this, you get a complete support system from the mat to the office to business systems including operations, sales and marketing support. You get to be part of a bigger team.

    What you get:

    • – Evaluation of your current gym
    • – Full access to RockStar University
    • – Access to weekly pro-training at corporate
    • – Access to success power meetings
    • – Powerful website
    • – Complete instructor’s program
    • – Complete jiu-jitsu curriculum

    If you’re ready to be a part of the most powerful team please submit your information.