Are you ready to be a rockstar?


Learn more about opening your own ROCKSTAR MARTIAL ARTS Franchise.

    Are you ready to be a rockstar?

    Are you ready to be a rockstar?

    We’re ready to help you in your journey to be the absolute best in life, and after submitting your application we’ll get in touch with you to begin that path. Our staff will give you a call after your submission, interacting with you personally and answering the questions you may have.

    After your submission is run through and you’re financially qualified, we’ll begin our endeavor together. First up will be a training session where you learn the environment, potential clients and overall business goals of our system. After that, you’ll be guided through the process of becoming a successful business using the RockStar system. Everything from teaching, students’ goals (and how to keep them), how to pick the best coaches and more will be covered.

    You won’t be left in the dark as a “white belt” in the RockStar system. You’re going to receive continued care to make sure you, the brand and your students continue to succeed.

    After you’ve launched and your business begins its growth, there will be support for you. Pick up the phone and call the founders, the coaches, anything you might need. The RockStar system is an extended family, and the best part of family is support. We want you to meet your expectations of being a business owner.

    Become a RockStar

    All we need for you to join the family is the information provided in our franchise submission.

    Following your much-awaited submission, we’ll be here to answer follow-up questions and let you know what’s needed next. Thank you for reading about RockStar’s franchise opportunities, and we look forward to showing you how great our developed system can be.